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Chattanooga Siding Contractor

Chattanooga Siding Contractor

James Hardie Siding Company - Chattanooga, TN

With James Hardie siding and the best preferred contractor, you can bring your dream home's exterior to life. At Elevated Exteriors, we use 3D imaging to help you find which style is right for you, and with James Hardie, there is a style for everyone from historic to modern.


Why Hardie?

Lifetime Value

Hardie is water resistant to prevent swelling, cracking, and buckling. It it also less expensive than wood and doesn't attract pests. Hardie is climate specific by region, and costs much less over time than other options to maintain.

Curb Appeal

James Hardie Colorplus has a 15 year warranty with its factory cured finish. Not only does it have a great warranty, it is more consistent and durable than painted finishes, including vinyl, which fades drastically over time.

Color and Design

There are 16 standard statement collections, and now introducing the Magnolia Collection, curated elusively by Chip and Joanna Gaines

Performance & Durability

James Hardie siding comes with a 30 year, industry leading warranty. Hardie is fire, hail, and pest resistant, which will protect and defend your home for the next generation.

Research & Development

James Hardie spends over 20 million dollars a year perfecting their product, surpassing any other company on the market. 

Statement Collection


Contact A Chattanooga Siding Contractor For A Free Consultation & Estimate 

We do the job right at a fair price, and we only use top quality materials & expert installers. 

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